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Beowulf Cartoon by MJ Weller published by Writers Forum in association with Visual Associations 
ISBN 1 84254 584 1 



The poets of the great banqueting hall entertained host and visitor with tales of long long before.
Grendel's dead at the hands of Beowulf. King Hrothgar hires a stand-up to tell a joke or two at  Beowulf's conquest celebration in Denmark. As it happens, Hrothgar's comic doubles as a poet on the festival circuit. A beerwolf poet making  loud disjunctives after a few jugs. A worthy entry to Viz comic's profanisaurus amplified by an avant-bardist mic (mike weller).
But MJ Weller's big draw Beowulf Cartoon isn't played for laughs.
Using a series of lays devised from 2,826 lines of Anglo-Saxon scriptoria - stress-fonted, graphically wrought, and blasted with visual alliterations - Weller's individual hoard has been scanned, conjured and breathed-upon for 1,200 years and more.
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